Navian Tech Closes Capital Round with Major Investments

Success Story

Navian Tech, a real estate development company, is proud to announce the successful closing of a capital round of 28 million SEK. The company received investments from several well-known investors, including a Swedish investment company that invested 8 million SEK.

Confirmation of Hard Work

Sergey Kazachenko, CEO and Co-Founder for Navian, expresses pride in reaching this milestone. He says that the investment from leading investors is a huge confirmation of the company’s hard work so far.

Digitizing the Real Estate Industry

Navian Tech’s mission is to digitize the real estate development industry, making it easier for more people to invest in properties. The company’s products and services aim to open up the industry to small and medium-sized real estate developers and investors.

A Pioneer in Digitization

Erik Linton, Co-Founder for Navian, believes that the company is a pioneer in digitization within the industry. With the capital injection, he is confident that the company will increase its growth rate and take advantage of the market that favours tech companies that are working for efficiency and digitization.

Using Capital to Grow

Navian Tech will use the capital to strengthen the brand, expand its customer base, and further develop the digital platform. The company plans to make new issuances during the year.

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