Heart Aerospace Selected as Air New Zealand’s Partner for Zero Emissions Fleet

Heart Aerospace, the Swedish electric airplane developer, has been selected as a long-term partner for Air New Zealand’s Mission Next Gen Aircraft. The mission aims to accelerate the development of zero emissions aircraft technologies and the infrastructure needed for commercial aviation in New Zealand.

Partnership with Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Mission Next Gen Aircraft has been created to reduce emissions from air travel. As a long-term partner, Heart Aerospace will work alongside Air New Zealand to make flying zero emissions aircraft a reality.

Anders Forslund, co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, said, “We could not be prouder to have been selected as a long-term strategic partner on Air New Zealand’s journey towards net zero.”

Sustainability Goals

Air New Zealand’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Kiri Hannifin, said, “Mission Next Gen Aircraft aims to accelerate the technology and infrastructure needed to decarbonize our domestic flights.” She added, “Having Heart Aerospace as one of our long-term partners will grow our collective understanding of zero emissions aircraft technology.”

The ES-30 Electric Airplane

Heart Aerospace is developing the ES-30, a regional electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery-derived energy. The ES-30 will have a fully electric zero emissions range of 200 kilometers and an extended range of 400 kilometers with 30 passengers.

First ES-30 Delivery in 2028

Heart Aerospace expects to deliver its first ES-30 aircraft in 2028, offering an affordable, accessible, and responsible product to the flying public of New Zealand.

Collaborative Approach

Simon Newitt, Chief Commercial Officer at Heart Aerospace, said, “We firmly believe that the collaborative approach is the only way to ensure we have a sustainable future for aviation.”

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