Alelion Energy Systems Secures Funding Boost with SEK 45 Million Loan Extension

Alelion Energy Systems, a Gothenburg-based lithium-ion technology solution provider, has secured financing by extending loans and credits totaling SEK 45 million. The loan extension runs until March 2024 and was made possible with the help of owner guarantees from the company’s main owners and Swedbank.

Empowering Climate Action with Latest Proven Technology

As a developer and manufacturer of battery systems, Alelion helps clients succeed in their electrification of off-highway vehicles and transition to more sustainable energy use. The company invests in staying at the forefront of technology, offering the latest solutions tailored to its customers’ specific needs.

Major Owners Show Support for Alelion’s Growth

Alelion’s major owners, Fouriertransform, Blomqvist Listed Sustainability, and Pegroco Holding, have issued owner guarantees to support the loan extension. Alelion’s share, traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (ALELIO), is advised by G&W Fondkommission.

Long-Term Capital Needs Under Review

As Alelion works to secure its financing, the company is also reviewing its long-term capital needs and financing opportunities in the growing market for sustainable electrification. With its commitment to offering the latest technology and solutions, Alelion is poised for continued growth and success in the industry.

Leading the Charge for Sustainable Electrification

Alelion is dedicated to making a positive impact in the fight against climate change, and this latest financing move is a significant step forward in achieving that goal. With its innovative battery systems and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Alelion is leading the charge for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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