Wemade Becomes the Lead Sponsor of Kiaf SEOUL 2022

Wemade became the lead sponsor of Korea’s biggest art fair Kiaf SEOUL 2022 with WEMIX3.0 at the forefront.

Through this partnership, WEMIX3.0 will expand its blockchain ecosystem as well as publicize various arts globally. It will continue to invest in different businesses where traditional art and artists who wish to explore the new blockchain world coexist.

Kiaf SEOUL will be held at COEX from September 2 to 6, while Kiaf PLUS making its debut at SETEC for 5 days from September 1 to 5.

Wemade will have a booth inside each exhibition and fill the space on the topic of ‘The expansion of a healthy art ecosystem and the evolution of life led by NFT’.

First at ‘Kiaf SEOUL’, WEMIX3.0-based DAO & NFT platform, NILE, can be enjoyed. The booth, which is located at the VIP lounge inside COEX Grand Ballroom, will showcase London Underground Station 264 Genesis (LUS 264 Genesis) by artists Zeeha and Locho. On top of this, Frienkly’s new social platform Tangled will exhibit Tangled Timepiece, an NFT artwork ‘where time is gold’.

At Kiaf PLUS, Wemade will have a booth inside the SETEC lead sponsor exhibition. Visitors will have a chance to enjoy and participate in events for 2 NILE-based NFT projects — a photo zone where visitors can turn into characters displayed in the NFT and an SNS event. Visitors can follow NILE’s SNS to receive goodies such as photocards and clothes.

On September 5 at Studio 159 located on the second floor of COEX, Mikyung Lee, Director of NFT business department, will have a talk show on the topic of ‘New Future’ which oversees NFT, DAO and Art. She will talk about the changes in the art market led by NFT and DAO, and the role and potential of Art DAO as the new player in the art market.

“With 100% collateralized stablecoin, WEMIX Dollar, WEMIX3.0 will launch a NFT and DAO platform, NILE, which holds real and stable economic value,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “The partnership with Kiaf SEOUL 2022 will serve as a foothold for Korean art to spread globally based on revolutionary technology and a new economic system.”

Kiaf SEOUL is South Korea’s first and biggest international art fair which opened in 2002. Galleries from all over the world have participated over the past 20 years. Starting this year, Frieze, one of the 3 top art fairs in the world, will be introduced in Seoul, and Kiaf PLUS will showcase not only NFT art, but also New media art.


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